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It's no joke, Tuco. It's a poker playing robot. You see, there are two kinds of poker bots in this world: those selling repackaged open-source code, and those that are original pieces of software. You want the original software.

Types of Poker Bot Downloads

If you are becoming increasingly disappointed because you can’t seem to win a round of online poker, chances are you are playing against a bot. Many of your opponents are now armed with poker bot software as their gaming assistant. It is hard to blame them, really. Software doesn't go on tilt or get drunk. It is also immune from tiring. And what could be better way to win than relaxing in the hot tub with a good cigar and checking on your stack of chips later? Most likely it will be bigger than when you left it, given the pathetic skill level of your average online poker player these days.

This type of software is considered to be a breakthrough in online gaming. Much like the early days of chess engine development, poker playing robots are getting better and better. Soon it will be difficult to beat them. So why not be on the right side of this reality and get one for yourself. Before you do, you will have a few things to consider. 

Download a Poker Bot or Make One Yourself? 

First there are ready made products available. Be careful of the junk. Anything that claims to play a perfect game but does not allow you, the user, to specifically control all of it's decisions is garbage. It is guaranteed that you will disagree with some of the playing decisions so you need to be able to tweak them to your heart's content . Make sure you can actually read the playing profiles available for the software and have a way to adjust them. Do your homework and do not expect to download a product that you can just click a button on and have hundred dollar bills start pouring out of your DVD drive.

If any of the ready-made products do not spark your interest, then it is better for you to build one for yourself. Armed with an education in programming skills, you can create your own personal gaming assistant based on your own winning techniques.

Programming a bot can take up a tremendous amount of time and effort, but, with a little patience, you can build one from your own hard work. Imagine the satisfying feeling of earning and winning from your own creation. Now you will know how Dr. Frankenstein must have felt. Once alive, your monster can be customized to work in many different game types at many different poker rooms. This is accomplished by creating "table maps." If this sounds right up your alley, check out Open Holdem and get involved in the forum discussions there. (But beware of buying a poker bot that is nothing more than this free platform with a couple profiles thrown in!)

If not, check out Shanky Technologies Holdem Bot. It comes with an instruction manual for learning PPL, which is an easy programming language for their bot that any experienced poker player can quickly pick up. No programming background needed! This is probably the most popular poker bot download on the internet.

Stealth Considerations

Online poker rooms do not allow this type of software to be used. Officially, that is. Some of them have gone on bot hunts from time to time and have frozen the accounts of suspected bot-users. However, in reality that is a rare occurrence and is only done for public relations purposes to put on a good show. Only the very worst offenders are typically nabbed in these brief crackdowns (the guys running six bots for a week straight without a break, etc). Truth be told the poker rooms need the revenue that automated poker playing programs create for them, and with so many bot users these days there isn't much they can do about it anymore without cutting their own throats.

Most of the poker bot downloads you will find have built-in stealth features that hide from the poker rooms. But they don't really catch the worst offenders that way anymore. It is more of a pattern recognition. So don't fly super-high on the radar and you will be fine. In fact you will probably be loved by the poker rooms and get special offers.

Disclaimer: This website is for entertainment purposes only and isn't recommending a darn thing. It's just the observations and opinions of one guy. I ain't selling anything; I just like to write. Do not go out and buy a poker bot and expect it to start winning for you based on this website. Poker is gambling and you might lose money playing, with or without software helping you. Use you head for something other than a hat-rack and do your own research before buying any software product. I don't necessarily recommend any of them.

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